Verstappen quickest in final practice, but Leclerc is under a tenth behind

2022 Bahrain Grand Prix third practice

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Max Verstappen was quickest during the third and final practice session for the Bahrain Grand Prix, less than a tenth faster than Charles Leclerc.

Verstappen’s best time of a 1’32.544 saw him go fastest in the final one hour session prior to qualifying, with Leclerc just 0.096s slower and Verstappen’s Red Bull team mate Sergio Perez third fastest, a quarter of a second behind.

George Russell was fourth fastest in the Mercedes, ahead of Carlos Sainz Jnr and Lewis Hamilton, with Kevin Magnussen seventh for Haas and Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu eighth and ninth for Alfa Romeo.

Leclerc had a spin at turn 11, resulting his Ferrari skidding into the gravel. Fortunately, he was able to drive out of the gravel trap, allowing both he and the session itself to continue.

Carlos Sainz Jnr has been summoned to the stewards after he was released from the pitlane into the path of Fernando Alonso, forcing the Alpine to stop his car.

Yuki Tsunoda failed to leave the garage for the session after his AlphaTauri developed a hydraulic fault as his team attempted to fire up the car at the start of the session.

2022 Bahrain Grand Prix third practice result

Pos. No. Driver Car Best lap Gap Laps
1 1 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1’32.544 15
2 16 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1’32.640 0.096 16
3 11 Sergio Perez Red Bull 1’32.791 0.247 20
4 63 George Russell Mercedes 1’32.935 0.391 19
5 55 Carlos Sainz Jnr Ferrari 1’33.053 0.509 20
6 44 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1’33.121 0.577 15
7 20 Kevin Magnussen Haas-Ferrari 1’33.437 0.893 15
8 77 Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo-Ferrari 1’33.733 1.189 21
9 24 Zhou Guanyu Alfa Romeo-Ferrari 1’33.880 1.336 18
10 18 Lance Stroll Aston Martin-Mercedes 1’33.920 1.376 14
11 4 Lando Norris McLaren-Mercedes 1’33.955 1.411 18
12 27 Nico Hulkenberg Aston Martin-Mercedes 1’33.971 1.427 18
13 10 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri-Red Bull 1’34.176 1.632 18
14 47 Mick Schumacher Haas-Ferrari 1’34.295 1.751 17
15 3 Daniel Ricciardo McLaren-Mercedes 1’34.378 1.834 20
16 14 Fernando Alonso Alpine-Renault 1’34.628 2.084 15
17 23 Alexander Albon Williams-Mercedes 1’34.868 2.324 15
18 31 Esteban Ocon Alpine-Renault 1’34.957 2.413 16
19 6 Nicholas Latifi Williams-Mercedes 1’35.667 3.123 14

Third practice visual gaps

Max Verstappen – 1’32.544

+0.096 Charles Leclerc – 1’32.640

+0.247 Sergio Perez – 1’32.791

+0.391 George Russell – 1’32.935

+0.509 Carlos Sainz Jnr – 1’33.053

+0.577 Lewis Hamilton – 1’33.121

+0.893 Kevin Magnussen – 1’33.437

+1.189 Valtteri Bottas – 1’33.733

+1.336 Zhou Guanyu – 1’33.880

+1.376 Lance Stroll – 1’33.920

+1.411 Lando Norris – 1’33.955

+1.427 Nico Hulkenberg – 1’33.971

+1.632 Pierre Gasly – 1’34.176

+1.751 Mick Schumacher – 1’34.295

+1.834 Daniel Ricciardo – 1’34.378

+2.084 Fernando Alonso – 1’34.628

+2.324 Alexander Albon – 1’34.868

+2.413 Esteban Ocon – 1’34.957

+3.123 Nicholas Latifi – 1’35.667

Drivers more then ten seconds off the pace omitted.

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2022 Bahrain Grand Prix

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15 comments on “Verstappen quickest in final practice, but Leclerc is under a tenth behind”

  1. What I find impressive is how fast these cars are already.

    1. Really? Firstly I thought I was watching ‘slow mo’, then I thought they are on cool down lap. But, that was yesterday, they’re ‘much faster’ today.

      1. mate, they are fast. the last 30 years of f1 must look snail crawl to you if these look slow mo. to you slow is a barometer only by laps times, numbers over what is actually occuring

  2. Finally, no more sessions left before finding out the competitive order.

    1. So Mercedes removed some f the sandbags.
      More importantly the position of magnussen. Let’s hope Haas can keep up.

      1. they (mercedes) are exactly where they said they’d be: behind redbull and ferrari

      2. Sandbags! the winners of the 8 Mercedes tittles is the engine design team. RB maybe fast in the corners but that engine owns the straights.

        1. Yeah, I agree with you but porpoising is limiting their top speed performance. There is much more time left in that car.

          1. Lisa Simpson
            19th March 2022, 14:57

            Don’t worry, Pirellis here to save the Mercs by raising the minimum pressures by 0.5 in both front and rear. Now is 23 front and 21 rear.

          2. You must be new Lisa. It’s usually Red Bull getting the Pirelli bailout.

  3. Q2 should be fun…

  4. Once again very tight at the top between Ferrari and RB, just Sainz somehow isn’t able to get up to speed. Great lap by Russell as well and not too shabby for Hamilton.
    I still have the feeling Ferrari were holding something back, because they were once again comfortably slower than RB on almost every straight, main straight in particular (7 kph at the end of the straight, 8 kph over the start/finish line at the very end of the lap).
    Leclerc also set a PB best speed of 322 kph earlier on his first run (fastest lap: 312 kph), but that was still 0.4 slower than his overall PB time through S1. That suggest that Ferrari has still plenty to offer in terms of engine modes for qualy.

    It could still go either way, between Verstappen and Leclerc. Bring on qualifying!

    1. @srga91 I see no reason not to think that if Ferrari were still not showing their cards, neither was RBR.

      1. RB is constantly running higher engine modes than SF. So…

        1. And you know that because….?

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