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Ferrari to mark anniversary by naming their new car F1-75

2022 F1 season

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Ferrari have named their new car for the 2022 Formula 1 season the F1-75, marking the company’s 75th anniversary.

Enzo Ferrari produced the company’s first car, the 125 S, in 1947. Ferrari has previously revealed a special logo it will use for its 75th anniversary celebrations this year.

The F1-75 is due to be launched on February 17th. The team rose to third in the championship last year, having fallen to sixth the season before.

“Formula 1, with its spirit of competition and innovation, has always been a fundamental part of Ferrari, driving the technological development of our road cars,” said the company’s chairman John Elkann. “This year, as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of our first production car leaving the factory, we honour that spirit by naming our 2022 F1 challenger the Ferrari F1-75.”

The team began testing in preparation for the new season last week, running a 2018-specification SF71H at Fiorano for race drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jnr, plus test driver Robert Shwartzman. The car bore several of the team’s new sponsors for 2022, including Santander, which has returned to the team this year.

The F1-75’s predecessor was known as the SF21, though it was largely based on the SF1000 of 2020, which commemorated the team’s 1,000th grand prix start. The SF90, which raced in 2019, is the last Ferrari to have won an F1 race.

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2022 F1 season

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  • 21 comments on “Ferrari to mark anniversary by naming their new car F1-75”

    1. Did they make sure Ford doesn’t build a truck named like that this time?

    2. The only thing more inconsistent than their performance are their naming conventions.

      1. are you worried ? for sure there will be a spike on the rear to avoid things as happened this year at the Copse corner..

    3. someone or something
      1st February 2022, 14:17

      Also, the 75th different naming scheme they have used.

    4. In the recent past, each time they name a car to mark some anniversary it doesn’t work out well. SF-1000 (2020), SF-90 (2019), F150 (2011), F60 (2009).

      1. Well recalled. Red ground effect truck incoming then! Shouldn’t they have saved the name F1-75 for 2025 when they’ve been in F1 for 75 years and called this model the F75?

        1. Oh, give it time.
          Brace for F-75F1 or something.

          1. @niefer Personally I am hoping for SF-75F1° Maranello 🏎

            I think it will be time they start adding emojis to their names

      2. @g-funk Also SF70H in 2017.

      3. @g-funk – also there usually is some snag whenever they put too much white into the livery as it will happen this time with Santander.

      4. I came here to say exactly this… has nobody at Ferrari noticed that every time they brand one of their cars as some sort of “anniversary special” it sucks?

        Oh well. At least the livery is better than last year’s.

    5. That’s rather disappointing :( I was hoping for something like SF675GE-H.

    6. Name it Betty and slap its backside to get it going.
      We need more entertainment up at the front!

      1. I may hand out points for anyone who spots the reference.
        Then again I may not …. I can be mercurial ;P

        1. Vettel called one Betty?

    7. Spoiler: I’ve heard from top secret inside sources that it’s going to be red.

      1. Of all the F1 rumors I’ve heard over the years, this has got to be the least likely to come true.

      2. @RandomMallard Red with Santander white on the rear wing & or PU cover like 2010-2017.

    8. In the next grill the grid, I hope they ask the Ferrari drivers to name all Ferrari F1 cars :D :D

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