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Rate the race: 2020 Eifel Grand Prix

2020 Eifel Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Eifel Grand Prix.

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34 comments on “Rate the race: 2020 Eifel Grand Prix”

  1. Overall a decent race, albeit the full SC was unneeded. VSC would’ve been perfectly fine. Other than this, nothing to complain.

  2. I’ve gone for an Eight.
    Very enjoyable with lot’s of action but no real impact on the Championship.
    Good entertainment but a fight at the front would have made it a Ten.

  3. Decent return to the Ring.

  4. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    11th October 2020, 15:13

    5/10 average race with an unnecessary SC

  5. Enjoyed it a lot, I’m maybe biased as I was pleased with the result (especially Danny). The SC ruined it a bit of it for me, and lacked big highlight moment for me. Solid 8

  6. A goof but not spectacular race. I enjoyed it overall but the safety car for Norris was unnecessary. What is the point of virtual safety car if it cant be used for evacuating a car next to an escape road?

    1. By goof I mean good

  7. Blaize Falconberger (@)
    11th October 2020, 15:15

    8/10 Thoroughly enjoyable… lots of unpredictable goings on, nice overtaking and scraps on track, records broken, a podium from Danny Ric which is awesome, great show by Red Bull and Max upping their game. I was surprised by the unreliability down the grid… the SC spiced things up. Was sorry for George Russell getting shunted out.

  8. I gave it 5/10 as it was a race I just struggled to really get that into.

    And that decision with the SC that seemed more just to bunch them up for the show than anything else kinda irritated me. Lando’s car was well out of the way, Right next to a gap in the barrier with a tractor there to lift it away just as Russell’s car had been during the earlier VSC. Lando’s car was easily moved behind the barrier before the SC had even done a lap which just further highlighted how that could/should have been a VSC.

    1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
      11th October 2020, 15:21

      I honestly thought The SC was because the car’s bodywork was smoking and there was a risk of it bursting into flames… I agree it was ultimately uneccesary…

      1. Interesting that’s probably why they used the sc instead of the virtual one

  9. Safety in Formula One is a great thing and I don’t think anyone here can deny that the progression it has made and the standards of which are set around safety are commendable.

    However, there’s a point where you’ve got to admit when safety and caution goes too far.

    The VSC was a little unnecessary. The Full Safety Car was completely unnecessary. This doesn’t just apply to this race either.

    Red flags are deployed when it could’ve been a safety car. Safety car deployed when it could’ve been a VSC. VSC deployed when it could’ve just been a double waved yellow.

    Bianchi’s accident showed that F1 was not cautious enough. These constant safety cars, red flags, and let’s face it, Gasly’s win is showing us that F1 is too cautious. Nobody wants a repeat of Bianchi. Equally, I don’t think many people want fake, artificial racing either.

    F1 really needs to strike a balance. At the moment, they’ve gone from one extreme to another and it’s creating artificial enjoyment. Feel free to disagree; I may be the minority on this one

    1. Many would argue that ‘fake enjoyment’ is better than none at all.

      Watching one car lap the entire field up to third is no fun either…

      1. But deploying SCs whenever someone sneezes on the track is a cure way worse than the disease.

  10. Give it about a 5 for an interesting start. Had rain forecast all week and ended up with a wash out on Friday and dry Saturday and Sunday (just a few drops in the end). Disappointing day.

    Would seem RBR have made no dent at all in Mercedes massive advantage.

  11. Seven (7) … pullin’ for Hulk n Leclerc n Grosjean. New faces …

  12. The safety cars were unnecessary perhaps, but I think they actually improved the entertainment factor of the race. So I would say, due to the safety car situations I enjoyed the whole race. Felt like there was always something going on somewhere in the field.

    Only gripe I have is that the director seemed to be focusing often on less interesting “battles” and then missing the actual action. Which would then be replayed a minute later anyway, but still.

    1. big gripe with director. I understand wish to see battles, but whole drama at the front was in replays. other replays were unfinished… hulk cuts back… and change scene. commentator has to say if he won the position.
      so many close-ups and straight shots of cars… zero sense of speed. Cortinas and minis look more lively and fun on wastness of Spa (seen live) than tis today :(
      Poor advert for sport if this is what free viewers on Youtube think this is standard.
      Rant over, chilled now a bit :p

      1. Ha, yes agree. Indeed you could see that something was happening and they would cut away even.

  13. Lots of highlights and battling in this race, very much enjoyed. 8/10.

  14. Ricciardo like usual making the races so much more entertaining

  15. Had it rained it could have been a 9 or 10. But 7 for me. Good race.

  16. A solid 8 from me…and after the Russian race it felt like 108…
    Very entertaining, plenty going on and see the drivers had all attended the safety car restart course…

  17. Reliability issues.
    Leclerc falling back.
    Safety car.

    Great race for the purists.

  18. It wasn’t for me.

  19. I think Nurburgring delivered!

    The race was filled with unexpected moments, failures & good wheel to wheel battles.


  20. 9/10 especially for modern F1 times.

  21. 1. Because there’s no 0. The SC was a disgrace, and ruined the great strategy battle plus wheel to wheel battle that was shaping up between Checo and Danny. And not only dishonest, but it was obvious (I thought) that once they were on the same tyres, because of the fake safety car, they wouldn’t be able to battle at all.

    So it was dishonest and stupid. Those two so often go together. In fact the dishonesty was stupidly obvious!

    Otherwise it was pretty enjoyable, and great to be at this circuit.

    1. @Zann. From all the comments so far your is the one I like the most. I was hoping to see a Checo-Danny battle by the end of the race that was ruined by the unnecesary SC.

  22. Average 5/10. Some good battles, but mostly just meh. A few retirements took the enjoyment out of the race, and some battles did not materialise (like Ricciardo-Perez fight at the end, nothing happened after the restart).

  23. Went with 6, not too much happened, especially at the front.

  24. János Henkelmann
    12th October 2020, 0:53

    7 for me.

    Just seeing those monster cars race around that beautiful track made it enjoyable to watch.

  25. Gave it a 2.
    I want races where I don’t know who the winner is until the last lap, or better still checkered flag, rather than at lights out on the starting grid.
    Sadly after decades of watching, I am finding F1 predictable and boring.

  26. A solid 7/10 for me. Some interesting battles and fights in the midfield as is becoming quite standard. Some nice overtakes as well. No real battle at the front though after Bottas’ retirement.

    Glad to see Daniel achieve a podium after all this time and Renault of course. Good to see Grosjean getting a couple of points as well. Did feel a bit sorry for Perez though as a podium would have been a good way of highlighting what Racing Point/Aston Martin are going to miss.

    I too don’t think the full safety car was really necessary. Surely they could have covered this with a VSC? It seems to be a recurring theme in races this year. Something that the stewards must try to avoid unless it is really necessary.

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