Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Nurburgring, 2020

2020 Eifel Grand Prix race result

2020 Eifel Grand Prix

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144Lewis HamiltonMercedes601hr 35m 49.641s
233Max VerstappenRed Bull-Honda604.4704.470
33Daniel RicciardoRenault6014.61310.143
411Sergio PerezRacing Point-Mercedes6016.0701.457
555Carlos Sainz JnrMcLaren-Renault6021.9055.835
610Pierre GaslyAlphaTauri-Honda6022.7660.861
716Charles LeclercFerrari6030.8148.048
827Nico HulkenbergRacing Point-Mercedes6032.5961.782
98Romain GrosjeanHaas-Ferrari6039.0816.485
1099Antonio GiovinazziAlfa Romeo-Ferrari6040.0350.954
115Sebastian VettelFerrari6040.8100.775
127Kimi RaikkonenAlfa Romeo-Ferrari6041.4760.666
1320Kevin MagnussenHaas-Ferrari6049.5858.109
146Nicholas LatifiWilliams-Mercedes6054.4494.864
1526Daniil KvyatAlphaTauri-Honda6055.5881.139
Not classified
4Lando NorrisMcLaren-Renault4218 laps18 lapsPower unit
23Alexander AlbonRed Bull-Honda2337 laps19 lapsRadiator
31Esteban OconRenault2238 laps1 lapHydraulics
77Valtteri BottasMercedes1842 laps4 lapsPower unit
63George RussellWilliams-Mercedes1248 laps6 lapsDamage

Fastest lap: Max Verstappen

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2020 Eifel Grand Prix

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32 comments on “2020 Eifel Grand Prix race result”


  2. Will be interesting what kind of tattoo Cyril is going to have in Portimao.
    Yet another unnecessary full SC, though.

    1. Agreed. SC wasnt needed

      1. Should of been VSC same as Russell’s

    2. @jerejj And if the goal was to mix up the race and add excitement, it failed in that department too. Actually nullified an upcoming battle between Perez and Ricciardo for the final podium spot, and also probably some other battles further down the field.

      1. @keithedin they have been trying pretty hard to make things exciting and get news going with some controversial/questionable decisions as of late… SC, was such rubbish decision in the race! The tractor was right next to car, VSC was the most logical choice before double yellows… they did it to create an artificial situation, and had it going way more than necessary to bunch the people up which was completely unnecessary to begin with… i have a strong feelings these are something to do with the diminishing returns/loses they are receiving currently….

        1. I wondered about that. It surly would not have taken them 5 minutes to sling a hook on the car door lift it out of the way.

  3. Another race ruined by a dishonest Fake Racing safety car! Perez vs Ricciardo would’ve been great.

    1. +1 @zann Norris parked up right next to the gap, next to a crane, far away from any action, and yet still a SC. So why not have some kind of curved gap so drivers can literally trundle off the track and round to the other side of the barrier? If these SCs are on purpose for the ‘show’, they need to realize that for non-casual fans, they often ruin races, since we’re watching how drivers on alternate strategies eventually converge towards the end of the race. A SC usually cancels out any off-set effect.

      1. Exactly@david-br, it needed that tyre delta to be a contest at all and Race Contrivance took it away.

        And it’s annoying how Sky, and F1 media generally, tamely play along, when it’s so deceitful and destructive.

        1. +1
          I don’t buy for the “We are play safe”. No, you’re not. If the car is close to a guard-rail or to a wall it means you assume there’s no risk of hitting there. Either because the corner speeds around are slow, either because the track is very far, either because the crash angles simply don’t make sense for a crash there. Why do race director completely forgets about this when a car is parked? There where several scenarios much less riskier than packing the cars together 10 laps to go, one of them was simply leave the car where it was.

          Masi is just trying to spice things up, but even that is failed. I was expecting for an intense fight between two different strategies between Ric and Perez, and he singlehandedly ruined that completely.

          Several questions should be done on this:
          – why so many safety cars? The risk increases a lot with the cars packed (check Hubert crash for example, but lots of others).
          – why did we forget about cranes, and cars are only removed by very slow and dangerous heavy vehicles? 25 years ago 10s after Norris parked there there was already a crane lifting the car to behind the barrier (check Monaco’96 race on Youtube and check how marshalls work specially on first lap)
          – why does it take so many time to decide? If everytime the decision is full SC the moment the car is parked, Masi should already click the SC?

          And if this goes on, just some suggestions:
          – Reduce the time all the SC procedures takes. It’s weird that for something that took 30s to solve we had 10 minutes of neutralization.
          – If the safety car is already unfair for packing cars that where separated during the race, why all the “let lapped cars pass”? It only adds up to the unfair situation.
          – If we assume that no car should be removed while racing, can we just revert this weird scenarios to VSC and CLOSE THE PITLANE to keep the strategies as they were and avoid unfair situations?

          A 30+ years F1 fan

    2. I thought the VSC was brought in for that kind of situation so a safety car wouldn’t have been brought out. In the past they would have just had double waved yellows.

      The car did look like it was ready to ignite into a fireball, so maybe they were just being cautious.

      It’s not like it was going to make any difference at the front because only the Mercs have DAS.

  4. Well done Lewis Hamilton! Having watched the Schumacher years I didn’t think anyone would ever get close to the record, pretty incredible effort to reach it from man and machine. 100 wins could well be within reach!

    Very very happy for Danny Ricciardo, impossible not to like the guy! Renault starting to look good

    1. @burden93

      Renault starting to look good when Alonso returns.
      McLaren looking good when Ricciardo moves.
      Racing Point looking good when Vettel moves.

      Not too long ago these three teams were having a lot of trouble staying near the front & it was easily Merc, RB, Ferrari & RB Jr.

      1. Yeah hopefully it continues to get closer. If the 5 teams could be within a quarter of a second in 2022, the fans are in for a treat

      2. RBR looking good when Perez moves.

      3. Renault wasn’t that impressive, I think. Without safetycar the gap with Ham would have been +/- 80 sec. Almost 1lap. Still a long way to go for them. Ham, Bot and Max are on completely different level.

  5. Appreciate greatness

  6. I accept that many might still disagree, but I do like the flappoint.

  7. Great performance from Ricciardo. Driver of the day.

    Leclerc incredible.

    Maximus amazing as always. Probably giving up at least half a second to the all conquering Mercs, no real chance in the restart without the DAS trick on his car.

    Bottas did well to hold his ground at the start. Hamilton made no real attempt to make the apex and didn’t give the car proper lock until he was coming to the edge of the circuit. Similar to what happened against Albon in Austria but this was more obvious.

    Bottas not really up to it though giving up his lead meekly to his teammate.

    1. No one needs to feed the troll, just ignore.

      1. You don’t think Ricciardo was driver of the day?

      2. @lums It’s been a point of contention for Merc since Hamilton & Rosberg battled, to be honest. It happens quite often, but not as often between teammates and usually not as memorable so people tend to only remember when Hamilton does it.

        1. Meh. Lewis the best!

      3. Agreed! Let him starve.

  8. tfw max and ric celebrates more than lewis with record wins

  9. Decent race. Good battle at the start and overtake for the win (despite Bottas’ PU issues later on he’d already allowed Hamilton into the lead, disappointing from him). safety car possibly not necessary but certainly out at least 1 lap too long. Historic finish for Hamilton and historic start for Raikkonen. Excellent races for Hulk (Especially) and Ric. Albon’s days are numbered surely? ‘These guys race me so hard’????? I enjoyed this one.

  10. Bottas had bad luck with the DNF but he’d already lost the lead and the race with his lock up, ruining his tyres. That happens too often for him to ever be considered a title contender. Or conversely, it’s minimizing those mistakes that puts Hamilton up front so consistently.

  11. I hope someone from the paddock starts to question more strongly what Masi et al. are up to. No one is going to listen to us on here, and the fan voice surveys are so loaded, there won’t be a question on it anytime soon.

    We all know why the SC was thrown at the end instead of the VSC. This isn’t some fake US drama, this is meant to be Formula One.

  12. Great to see Ricciardo on the podium but are we seeing the SC being use as a way to artificially close up the field to provide a more “exiting” race, as happens in lessor race series?

  13. Funnily this is the 6th Nurburgring GP where winner started from P2/P4 position on grid.

  14. Albon a total disgrace. Could Hulkenberg do better on RBR? Sticking to its own talent is now like shooting in the leg for RBR. Meaningless ethnic background stories to fill the empty space he creates with poor results. I think Perez has a better tale to tell. Mexican and great race!! Hamilton. Well done.

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