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Ocon predicts cold, wet Eifel Grand Prix will be “quite spicy”

2020 Eifel Grand Prix

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Esteban Ocon expects challenging conditions when F1 returns to the Nurburgring this weekend, when cold and wet weather is forecasted.

Race day temperatures could be as low as 10C on Sunday and early forecasts indicate a chance of rain during the grand prix. The 24 Hours of the Nurburgring, which was held on the last weekend of September, was badly disrupted by heavy rain.

“I think it’s going to be quite spicy,” Ocon predicted. “I have a few friends who raced the 24 hours of the Nurburgring, it doesn’t look too good.

“We are going there obviously two weeks [later] so potentially it’ll be even more cold. So it’s going to be completely different for the tyres, obviously, to get them to temperature, for the car set-up. And anything can happen going back to Europe and north of Europe with a bit of rain and stuff.”

Renault’s performance in wet conditions earlier this year gives Ocon confidence about his chances this weekend.

“We know we are quite capable of doing well on the rain,” he said. “The car’s been strong in Barcelona, in winter testing in the rain. I qualified fifth in Austria in the rain. So if it rains, we should be in decent shape as well.”

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14 comments on “Ocon predicts cold, wet Eifel Grand Prix will be “quite spicy””

  1. Cold weather should suit Mercs runaway at front.

  2. Getting tyres up to temperature at around 10 C or even towards 15 C is going to be challenging.

  3. Current forecast is around 10°C on Friday and Saturday, and around 8°C on Sunday with potential rain on Saturday and Sunday.

  4. I was at the track last weekend for the 24 and can confirm it was very cold and very wet. Definitely dress for the conditions if you are lucky to be going this weekend! I was in full ski gear and I was still cold! I sat in N section of Grandstand (tribune) 4 but would recommend being in section H to be closer to the pit lane exit and still have great views of turns 1-4

    1. Kind advice @hollidog. We’ll be snug and warm in front of the TV here! Watching for DAS, for one thing. Awesome battle for 4th. No 91???

  5. Drivers will complain about lack of tyre grip and not being able to push hard.

  6. If its wet, will be Ham’s to lose, although hopefully will be good to see him and Verstappen on the front row.

    1. I don’t think so. It appears the current RB car is unstable and driving around its weaknesses seems a tricky task. It will be different from a few seasons ago when the chassis was better but the engine lacked power.
      With rain it will still be Merc 1, 2. And RB looking over its shoulder. Stroll might be the challenger for third.

  7. Hopefully its 2 degrees and wet but not raining.

  8. if its wet i predict lewis will runaway at the start with a 30s lead, only for the race to be red flagged or sc because of a crash or poor visibility. mercedes and lewis, as always, will stumble in such conditions and will somehow lose the lead in the pits/restart, allowing max to soar through the field and take the win. bottas meanwhile will be fighting for 10th with albon as both struggle in the wet. spicy stuff.

  9. If it’s dry but very cold could they potentially run intermediate tyres? Or would FIA have to declare a wet race for this to happen?

    And would they be faster than a slick that can’t be ‘turned on’ (stupid phrase and tyre design in one)

    1. I don’t remember this but some Toro Rosso or Super Aguri (?) driver in 2007 pitted for extreme wets on the warmup lap even though there was not a drop of rain on the circuit until a lap later. so pretty sure it’s possible

    2. Interesting. I doubt intermediates would be faster than softs though + they will probably degrade very rapidly if the track is dry.

  10. Will Ocon go into meteorology when he retires? You may have read it here first!

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