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Bahrain GP organisers restricting ticket sales in response to Coronavirus

2020 Bahrain Grand Prix

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The organisers of the Bahrain Grand Prix have announced they will restrict sales of tickets to the race in response to the spread of Coronavirus.

The virus, which spreads the Covid-19 disease, has already led to the postponement of the Chinese Grand Prix and the cancellation of Formula E, Moto GP and other races.

The Bahrain International Circuit operators say that in addition to limiting the sales of tickets, they are also prepared to refund tickets if needed.

“In light of the continued global outbreak of Covid-19,” said a statement from the circuit, “the BIC has announced that it will be phasing the sales of grand prix tickets to ensure appropriate social distancing guidelines are met.

“As further facts emerge, the BIC is in close communication with both Formula One management and the Kingdom’s health authorities to assess the developing situation and release further tickets or refund the face value of tickets depending on circumstances and updated medical advice.

“This precautionary step has been introduced along with a number of public health measures ahead of the Grand Prix to ensure the safety of all spectators, teams and circuit staff. These include screening procedures on entry, specialist medical facilities onsite, enhanced sanitation at the circuit, additional hand washing stations, information points for fans, as well as specific medical protocols to manage any suspected cases of Covid-19.”

The promoters added they are “committed to holding a safe and exciting” race and are “working closely with all relevant government departments, including the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Interior, to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus.”

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  • 15 comments on “Bahrain GP organisers restricting ticket sales in response to Coronavirus”

    1. Not to be a cynic, but…
      Isn’t Bahrain one of the least attended of the season anyway?
      I guess it’ll be barely noticeable if there are less people than normal.

      1. It is, but a quick search says that nearly 100,000 people attend the event over the whole weekend, and that is plenty of people. Then again, for television, I think only the main grand stand is really visible at times on the broadcast (apart from the ‘glamour’ shots from the VIP areas and the tower), so there really isn’t that much difference if there are a few thousand spectators less this year.

      2. @eurobrun @kaiie Yes, the main grandstand is the only one that’s really visible at times on TV, and overall, the number of grandstands seems quite low there compared to many other circuits. The whole surrounding area is also a bit isolated.

    2. Guys, it’s time to hire an editor… the constant typos in the headlines are getting embarassing…

      1. Right, that’s a priority, I’ll take great timely content over the pronunciation police….

        1. Why not both? That German guys grammar is atrocious as well as the typos everywhere else. Have some pride in the work you do for once and get a damn editor or even look it over once before it’s posted.

          1. A headline isn’t supposed to be grammar perfect, it is supposed to get your attention and make you want to read the article, which it did. As it is, if Racefans did decide to employ an editor that could require them to increase the annual fee we pay to not see adverts. As far as I can tell the only mistake in the headline was the less than obvious omission of an apostrophe, so if it came down to paying maybe twice what we currently do or accepting the occasionally missing apostrophe, I’m happy with paying the current rates and the easily overlooked omission of an apostrophe.

            1. It’s the excerpt that has the main issue:

              The organisers of the Bahrain Grand Prix have will restrict sales of tickets and may refund tickets in response to the spread of Coronavirus.

              I guess the have is not needed. It does suggest though, that proof-reading isn’t happening.

      2. Not even that, there are tools such as Grammarly which will do such basic checking for you. The monthly cost would be negligible compared to a dedicated editor.

    3. Sadly I can see the next six months of races being cancelled very soon. Not even sure if Australia will go ahead.

      1. I hope not, I’ve got tickets for Melbourne!

    4. Anyone know who to contact about this? I’m travelling from Australia to meet my husband in Bahrain and go to the GP. Received our etickets in an email the other day – whose tickets might they be cancelling??

    5. Sharaf Sharaf
      7th March 2020, 1:30

      Hi Lizzie ,

      I got my tickets as well.
      I’m going to see the staff at the circuit and ask them for more info. I will update you by Monday at the latest


    6. This will be out of control throughout Europe by May.

      The Australian and Bahrain GPs might be the only races we see until September.

      Given what’s going on around the world, flying to the other side of the planet to participate in a motor race is not a good look for F1. F1 are putting drivers and teams members at unnecessary risk. F1 should be erring on the side of caution here.

      The Australian GP gets a weekend attendance of 300k. Seems like the perfect way to unleash a virus throughout a city.

    7. Sharaf Sharaf
      9th March 2020, 9:06

      just got a call from the Bahrain F1 organizers: they will refund the amount to the same credit card used

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