Mick Schumacher, Bahrain International Circuit, 2019

Full driver line-up confirmed for Bahrain test

2019 Bahrain Grand Prix

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The full driver line-up has been confirmed for the two-day test starting tomorrow at the Bahrain International Circuit.

Several teams will use the test as an opportunity to fulfil their obligation to run junior drivers in the test. Among the drivers to be given the chance are Mick Schumacher, who will drive for Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, Dan Ticktum for Red Bull, Jack Aitken for Renault, Pietro Fittipaldi for Haas and Nicholas Latifi for Williams.

Williams driver George Russell will get his first chance to drive the Mercedes W10, and also do half a day’s running in his current team’s car.

Two teams, McLaren and Toro Rosso, will each run extra cars to conduct tyre testing for Pirelli. Fernando Alonso will return to the wheel of an F1 car for the first time since last year to have his first taste of the 2019 McLaren.

Tuesday 2nd AprilWednesday 3rd April
MercedesLewis HamiltonGeorge Russell
FerrariMick SchumacherSebastian Vettel
Red BullMax VerstappenDan Ticktum
RenaultDaniel RicciardoJack Aitken
HaasRomain GrosjeanPietro Fittipaldi
McLarenCarlos Sainz Jnr (am) / Lando Norris (pm)Lando Norris
Racing PointLance StrollSergio Perez
Alfa RomeoAntonio GiovinazziMick Schumacher
Toro RossoAlexander AlbonAlexander Albon
WilliamsGeorge Russell (am) / Robert Kubica (pm)Nicholas Latifi
McLaren (Pirelli tyre test)Fernando AlonsoCarlos Sainz Jnr (am) / Fernando Alonso (pm)
Toro Rosso (Pirelli tyre test)Daniil KvyatDaniil Kvyat

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12 comments on “Full driver line-up confirmed for Bahrain test”

  1. So Alonso is doing tyre test which means Mclaren is making sure it doesnt loose driver test and still get a good feedback.

  2. Several teams will use the test as an opportunity to fulfil their obligation to run junior drivers in the test.

    To elaborate further, all teams must use a “rookie” driver (less than 3 race starts) for 2 out of the 4 days across both the Bahrain and subsequent Barcelona test. This means in Barcelona, Racing Point will be limited to using rookie drivers, whereas Alfa Romeo and Toro Rosso will have the option of fielding a fully-experienced line-up for the Barcelona test (if I’m not mistaken??).

    1. Why alfa romeo? Giovinazzi is driving on day one (3 race starts or more)

  3. Mick Schumacher. Did we have any driver run test on two different team before?

    1. @ruliemaulana – Yes. I think, for instance, that Leclerc did exactly the same thing last year, i.e., driving for Sauber and Ferrari at the same test.

    2. ricciardo did some years ago as well, testing both TR and RB cars

  4. What constitutes a “junior driver”. Why can’t Ferrari run Leclerc and give him some extra time at the wheel?

    1. @afonic – They don’t want him beating Vettel even more emphatically.

    2. Russell and Norris bizarrely qualify as junior drivers, as both only 2 starts!

      1. @eurobrun Torro Rosso have Kvyat! And McLaren Alonso / Sainz.

        Are Ferrari wasting useful practice time for Leclerc to get some Schumacher PR? Or maybe they were forced to, to sign him at the first place?

  5. I bet Ocon is thrilled…

  6. @afonic
    sorry i don’t think i was clear (nor is the article). By juniors, its not so much people on the young driver programs or under a certain age, the rule is literally that:
    2 days of the 4 in season tests (2 in Bahrain, 2 in Barcelona after the Spanish GP) must be given to drivers with no more than 2 F1 starts.
    As such Norris and Russell qualify, meaning they could theoretically (even tho they won’t) do both these 2 days, then also the later 2 days, as “veteran” drivers!
    Kvyat and LeClerc don’t count as juniors / young drivers due to too many F1 starts already. Neither does Giovinazzi as he had those Sauber starts 2 yesrs ago.
    Hope that makes sense :)

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