Robert Kubica, Williams, Circuit de Catalunya, 2018

Kubica to run again as final pre-season testing driver line-up is set

2018 F1 season

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The driver line-up for the final pre-season F1 test at the Circuit de Catalunya this week has been confirmed.

Each team will run its two race drivers and Williams will also give further time in the FW41 to test driver Robert Kubica.

Mercedes has only announced its plans for the first day of the test.

TeamCarTuesday 6th MarchWednesday 7th MarchThursday 8th MarchFriday 9th March
MercedesW09Valtteri Bottas/Lewis HamiltonTBATBATBA
FerrariSF71HSebastian VettelKimi RaikkonenSebastian VettelKimi Raikkonen
Red BullRB14Max VerstappenDaniel RicciardoMax VerstappenDaniel Ricciardo
Force IndiaVJM11Sergio PerezEsteban OconSergio PerezEsteban Ocon
WilliamsFW41Sergey Sirotkin/Lance StrollLance Stroll/Sergey SirotkinRobert Kubica/Lance StrollRobert Kubica/Sergey Sirotkin
RenaultRS18Nico Hulkenberg/Carlos Sainz JnrCarlos Sainz Jnr/Nico HulkenbergNico Hulkenberg/Carlos Sainz JnrCarlos Sainz Jnr/Nico Hulkenberg
Toro RossoSTR13Pierre GaslyBrendon HartleyPierre GaslyBrendon Hartley
HaasVF-18Kevin MagnussenRomain GrosjeanKevin MagnussenRomain Grosjean
McLarenMCL33Stoffel VandoorneFernando AlonsoStoffel VandoorneFernando Alonso
SauberC37Marcus EricssonCharles LeclercMarcus EricssonCharles Leclerc

Driver mileages in first test

Pierre Gasly – 1065.995km
Sebastian Vettel – 1014.79km
Valtteri Bottas – 986.86km
Carlos Sainz Jnr – 702.905km
Stoffel Vandoorne – 684.285km
Marcus Ericsson – 665.665km
Charles Leclerc – 651.7km
Kevin Magnussen – 614.46km
Sergey Sirotkin – 591.185km
Nico Hulkenberg – 567.91km
Fernando Alonso – 526.015km
Daniel Ricciardo – 498.085km
Max Verstappen – 474.81km
Lance Stroll – 465.5km
Brendon Hartley – 442.225km
Lewis Hamilton – 400.33km
Kimi Raikkonen – 372.4km
Esteban Ocon – 367.745km
Sergio Perez – 302.575km
Romain Grosjean – 256.025km
Robert Kubica – 228.095km
Nikita Mazepin – 102.41km

RaceFans will bring live updates, news and pictures from the F1 paddock throughout this week’s test.

2018 F1 season

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    1. Ricciardo and Verstappen have switched their schedule due to illness of Ricciardo.

        1. RBR’s official website does mention that it will be Max/Dan/Max/Dan:

          1. @Maximilian That isn’t’ what I meant, though. I was referring to the claim ‘illness of Ricciardo.’

          2. Exactly. Would’ve been Ricciardo according to that, but now it’s Verstappen.

    2. The Williams car seems to be too sensible and nervous in both corner entry/exit. The team is now searching for the optimum balance of the car, a difficult task for the two inexpert rookies that’s why Kubica feedback is needed at this stage

      1. Sensible? You mean sensitive?

    3. David Thompson
      7th March 2018, 0:52

      Robert reduced to a test driver?

      1. Well, since he’s not a race driver in any of the teams, I’m gonna say yes.

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