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Rain expected during practice but race should be dry

2017 Italian Grand Prix weather

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Rain and thunderstorms are expected during the build-up to the Italian Grand Prix but the track should be dry once the competitive action begins.

Sebastian Vettel may feel a touch of nostalgia for the circumstances of his 2008 breakthrough win at the track as heavy rain is expected tomorrow. There’s even a chance of thunderstorms in the morning around the time first practice begins.

Conditions will be warm with air temperatures reaching over 26C, which should help the track dry out if there’s any let-up in the rain. The showers will last into Friday evening and beyond, but should have stopped around the time final practice begins.

By qualifying the track should be dry, and on race day the sun should finally make an appearance. If teams have had little dry running before then that will make assessing tyre life difficult, but this tends to be a very straightforward race in terms of strategy anyway.

With race day temperatures expected to rise no higher than 24C, this year’s race will be quite a bit cooler than last year, when a peak of 30C was recorded and track temperatures reached 40C.

For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

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7 comments on “Rain expected during practice but race should be dry”

  1. When are we going to get a wet race ffs. 😤

    1. In Sao Paulo and Suzuka.

      1. Or maybe just wet practice sessions again.

    2. China was wet.

      1. For like 2 laps

  2. Ahhh.. we just had a bit of rain today in Turin. I would be very happy if the next 3 days were completely wet. It would make the race much more interesting (well, the part of it not spent behind a safety car at least) and would give us a break from that constant 32 or so degrees heat…

  3. Looks like most of us wish for this:

    I’m dreaming of a wet Grand Prix
    Just like the ones I used to see
    Where the asphalt glistens,
    and F1 fanatics listen
    To hear rain free’em of mysery

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