Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Spa-Francorchamps, 2017

Ricciardo happy to keep racking up podiums

2017 Belgian Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo says he’s enjoying collecting trophies this season after he secured his sixth podium of 2017 at the Belgian Grand Prix.

The Red Bull driver was able to take third place after overtaking both Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas at the restart late in the race.

Ricciardo says he is happy to have come away from Spa with a podium finish.

“Another podium. More trophies. I like it,” says Ricciardo. “We showed a more respectable pace today and then we had an opportunity under the safety car with the re-start and took the most of that, so I’m really happy with the result.

“The first stint, I picked up blistering on the left-front quite early, so I couldn’t hold very good pace. But then we fixed that and the next two stints we were strong. The restart was very crucial for the podium and a lot of fun.”

Ricciardo took advantage of the restart to make a bold move past both Raikkonen and Bottas to jump from fifth place into a podium position.

“The team did well putting me on new ultra softs, so it was a combined effort at the end there at the restart,” says Ricciardo.

“I got the tow – I wasn’t sure once I pulled out of Valtteri’s slipstream if he was going to pull away once he was in free air. But I had good momentum and was able to stay alongside and I was going to brake as late as I needed to. So I’m happy.

“I feel like any time I get a chance to capitalise on a win or a podium or a better result, I feel I take it.”

2017 Belgian Grand Prix

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  • 54 comments on “Ricciardo happy to keep racking up podiums”

    1. Fast level headed intelligent racer. Probably why Alonso named him the best current driver.

      1. @johnrkh honestly, with all due respect to the great guy Ricciardo is, he is at far too many times behind Verstappen (both in qualification and race) to be called the best current driver. Verstappen is winning the qualifying battle and he’s almost always ahead in the race, either when he retires or when Ricciardo retires or when both finish.

      2. I am mercedes fan but Verstappen clearly is better than him. He is showing more dominance than Ric shown over Vettel.

      3. @johnrkh Agreed Ricciardo is excellent in races, often achieving a better result than expected. Certainly two of the best overtakes of the season so far are from him.

        We have been denied Verstappen / Ricciardo race battles this season with the on sides reliability woes, it does look like, Verstappen would have the upper hand.

        As for Alonso’s comments….he NEVER acknowledges drivers who have more WDC’s than him, it’s part of his character and amusing to see.

    2. People is saying that again he took a podium that should be Verstappen’s, but i doubt Verstappen could make absolute everything of the opportunities he’d had if it weren’t for failures that Ricciardo can.

      The guy never puts a foot wrong.

      1. People probably say that because once again Max was the quicker one.

        1. Max was the quicker on

          Yes for a handful of laps then Bang! Is Verstappen lacking mechanical sympathy perhaps?

      2. Daniel got the podium rightfully but Verstappen was faster, Daniel needs to figure out where to put the foot to be fast.

        1. Paul Ortenburg
          28th August 2017, 0:55

          Driving F1 is a balancing act, drive the car as fast as you can without breaking it.

        2. @rethla it’s baffling that more and more people are starting to endorse the “you should not drive as fast as you can” mantra, just because Ricciardo is almost always behind Verstappen this year.

          This is F1, the cars are driven fast this year, Hamilton and Vettel both were pushing their material all race long, and the RBR (well, the Renault) should also be able to hold up for a race without being driven slowly.

          1. Sorry, that should have been @Paul Ortenburg.

      3. It is amazing. Riccardo is superb. Great drive today.

        As always there are comments about how he got lucky. How Red Bull podiums always come when Versappen is out. Versappen is faster but his car breaks down. Which is completely true.

        Funny thing, this is the same story as when he went up against Vettel. He just seemed to have better luck, and had 3 victories to show for it.

        It bothers me a little because I don’t really believe he could be this lucky his entire career. But it has gone on so long.

        His smile is probably part of it. Perhaps his disposition helps bring out the best in his team.

        That and excellent drives like today.

        1. Think Dan would prefer the luck Vettel had in 2010-13 where the Red-Bull was the car to be in as opposed to scrapping for lucky podiums

        2. So, following your logic we can say:
          Max, Joylon, Kimi, Daniil and Fernando must be horrible, horrible people.
          Sebastian and Lewis are the nicest people on the grid. (They must be saints I guess.)
          Daniel has reïnvented himself, compared to 2015, when he apparently deserved a lot of bad luck.
          And so we can go on and on….

          I’m sorry, but this whole disposition argument is a joke that doesn’t hold any merit whatsoever.

          1. @murph
            No, your logic is flawed. Admitting a driver has one positive attribute does not mean that is the only attribute that matters.

            The joke is on you if you think personality and team dynamics don’t matter.

            You mentioned Alonso and Hamilton. Consider how they ended up a Honda and Merc. Fans don’t know who these drivers listened to, or what they knew, when they switched teams. But we know Hamilton made a great choice. Sadly for Alonso and F1 fans he made a poor choice. I’m guessing it was more judgement than luck. I would also suggest that Alonso’s way of dealing with the continued disappointment at Honda could make him less desirable to other teams. I wouldn’t confuse that with bad luck either.

            1. @RP

              So many words, yet so little substance.

    3. The honey badger strikes again. Excellent work by Ricciardo. Really exciting to have that many high calibre drivers in the grid. Ric, Vet, Ver, Alo, Ham. Really good generation of drivers.

    4. Great job by Ricciardo! Making the most out of it.

      He was in front of Raikonnen at the restart, so he only overtook bottas. The article says he overtook both.

      1. Yes read this too on multiple websites. . Wrong… still a nice move though

    5. The story at Red Bull gives me dejavu about 2012 at Mclaren. This is the cruelty of Motorsport- it isn’t a pure athlete’s sport and if the car fails you there is nothing you can do as a driver. Its not like Tennis or Athletics were the athlete is in control of pretty much every variable. You look at the points table and Ricciardo is “outscoring” Verstappen but I dare anyone to point out how he has “outdriven” Verstappen to justify the points gap. Also where are those people who always blame the driver when it comes to mechanical failures?

      1. So RBR are what…. tampering with MVs car? Or you one of the of those that go with scientifically proven “luck” theory?

        This is the cruelty of Motorsport- it isn’t a pure athlete’s sport and if the car fails you there is nothing you can do as a driver. Its not like Tennis or Athletics were the athlete is in control of pretty much every variable.

        Wrong! The best drivers only push as hard as they need to go, they understand that too win you have too finish. That means looking after the car. So they most certainly have some control.

        1. The best team supplies their drivers with cars that don’t brake down.

          Trying to put the blame on a driver when his engine is really a joke. (Guess Fernando is pushing too hard too, right?)

          1. -when his engine fails-

          2. -that don’t break down- (an edit option would be nice)

          3. Well said. I get the sense people who say this have a very limited appreciation of the fine tolerances involved- particularly in this cost cutting era where engines and gearboxes are expected to last longer. If I was to be brutal I would even call it ignorance.

        2. So RBR are what…. tampering with MVs car? Or you one of the of those that go with scientifically proven “luck” theory?”

          You’ve just answered your own question- its down to “luck”.

          “The best drivers only push as hard as they need to go, they understand that too win you have too finish. That means looking after the car.”

          Now. Can you provide us with a single source of when a driver has pushed too much to the point where he has broken his machinery.

          More directly- can you tell us how Max- yesterday- was somewhat culpable for a spark plug failure. Or Bottas was culpable for his engine failure in Spain.

          Or going back years- how Vettel was responsible for his mechanical woes in 2014.

          With clear sources and evidence please, not your conjectured opinions.

          1. You’ve just answered your own question- its down to “luck”.

            At which Uni do they teach this theory?

            Now. Can you provide us with a single source of when a driver has pushed too much to the point where he has broken his machinery.

            Do you actually watch motor sport?

            Or going back years- how Vettel was responsible for his mechanical woes in 2014.

            Actually it’s only three years ago, thats not a long time even in dog years.

            With clear sources and evidence please,

            Tetchy aren’t we. Never mind mate maybe next race.

            1. “Do you actually watch motor sport?”

              Yes. Do you understand motorsport?

              “Actually it’s only three years ago, thats not a long time even in dog years.”

              So? Was it Vettel’s fault or not according to your logic?

              You haven’t given any answers as to how drivers are culpable for mechanical failures. You’ve just responded with snide remarks. Given that’s the best you can do, I think we can safely conclude its just your opinion, which you are entitled to. But there is no evidence to back that up.

              Here is a source on Max’s mechanical failures. Perhaps a you could learn a thing or two.

              “I don’t have an answer for it,” said Ricciardo when asked about Verstappen’s run of retirements.

              I’ve even asked all the guys in the team, the mechanical and also from the power unit side and I’ve said is there something you see Max is doing which I should maybe avoid and they said no, there’s nothing he’s doing. He’s not over-revving it or anything silly. It’s unfortunate.”

        3. So VER should not win in qualy so his PU doesn’t fail him in the race? Or is it the 0.2 – 0.5 seconds quicker laptimes in the 1st 7 laps that cost him?

          How does this so calles overdring look? Please teach me @johnrkh

          1. So VER should not win in qualy so his PU doesn’t fail him in the race?

            Since when do you “win” in qualy?

            1. obv I meant that he was faster than RIC (0.5 sec this time)

              But maybe you could respond to my question instead of avoiding it by playing a word game

            2. @ Patrick it seems @ JohnH enjoys having word games as opposed to actual factual debates.

            3. Oh please. You don’t seriously expect to find a factual debate in a comments section, do you? Of course not – just an orgy of confirmation bias the like of which hasn’t been seen since the last Homeopathic Society AGM.

    6. Happy for RIC, again he is presented with an opportunity and he takes it.. but I still feel denied by again losing VER so soon. I wonder if his early retirement influenced the fight at the top. What I mean is that his departure left a gap for HAM to pit and come back right on front of RIC. With VER there he would not have that luxury. Would Mercedes have made the same call and expect to blast past VER on Kemmel anyway? Or would they be hesitant because it reminds of RAI – VER 2016? Or would they stretch the stint maybe opening to an undercut by VET? Ifs and buts

    7. I like RIC. Good guy , good racer. But this result was 100% because of VER’s mechanical failure. Without it he would have to overtake BOT, RAI and VER.

      Wasn’t going to happen.

      But if someone is lucking into podiums let it be the friendly honey badger

    8. But this result was 100% because of VER’s mechanical failure

      Oh, come on, he passed Bottas on track, held off Kimi without any trouble in the last 10 laps even though RAI was on the (presumably) faster tyre and faster car. I agree that RIC is a lucky guy compared to Max this season and is slower in raw pace than the dutchman, but he has an impecable racecraft and knows how to get the most out of the car. He rarely makes mistakes or misses an oportunity of a podium, even if the chances are slim. Hats off to Daniel, i’d like to see him in a Ferrari or Merc sometime before he retires.

      1. @gechichan

        he knows how to get the most out of the car

        Well… Verstappen is getting more out of the car, at least on Saturdays. So either Verstappen is getting too much out of the car, or Ricciardo is not getting the most out of the car.

        1. But well driven by Ricciardo yesterday, credit where credit is due.

      2. Well, the only reason RAI was behind him was the DNF of VER and the double yellow situation after that.

        100% because of the mechanical failure it is

    9. As a few have said already RIC always makes the best of the opportunities he is presented with. His results show this with all the podiums and he has pulled off some great overtakes.

      On pure pace, with the current RED Bull car set-up, he does not appear to be as fast as VER and it has to be acknowledged that VER has suffered nearly all the reliability issues.

      I think RIC has a WDC in him were the circumstances to fall his way. I would have loved to see him in a Ferrari or Mercedes in 2018 but I can understand why the top two did not want to upset the apple cart. Maybe 2019 but I fear it’s more likely they will chasing VER. I really, really hope Ferrari don’t keep RAI on for another year after next.

    10. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      28th August 2017, 11:33

      Last year I said that Ricciardo will have the fight of his life this year. I wasn’t wrong but I’m surprised that Verstappen is double numbers in qualifying over him. On the other hand, Ricciardo has double the points over his teammate and yet his stock has never been this low. The irony, right?

      I just hope Verstappen’s Red Bull can start finishing races and we can see Ricciardo put up the fight that we expect of him.

      1. Well RIC should be in front in Monza, VER gets a grid penalty

      2. @freelittlebirds Up to this point I’d always regarded Ricciardo as a qualifying beast. Crushed Vergne an Kyvat as teammates and also beat Vettel that is no slouch in qualifying either.

        This year Verstappen clearly has the upper hand. Verstappen is good, but maybe Ricciardo is not able to extract the maximum from these new tyres in quailfying yet. I don’t know.

        1. Edit please

          1. Maybe it’s just the way the car handles this year in a qualifying set-up. It suits VER and does not suit RIC so much.

    11. @anunaki Blazzz, See what happens in Monza boys, relax have a nice week :)

      1. Well VER starts from the back so RIC gets start ahead

      2. Ah. Chickening out of a sensible debate I see.

        1. Haha, MV starts from the back of the grid at Monza, that gives him 53 ? laps to play with. DR in that position would easily make into the points and pull some of the best passing moves you’d ever get to see.
          So I know MV is a good driver so lets see what magic he can weave next week, or will he have a rush of blood too the head and blow it. I personally want him too finish well, and you never know maybe DR will stuff up and start at the back with him. Now that would be Bl**dy exciting.

          1. Well i could go a couple of ways:
            Like last year in Brasil, with 16 laps to go he’s 16th and Dan is 13th. At the finish line he was 3rd with Dan back in 8th.
            Or like in Abu Dhabi last year where he was dead last after the first corner and Dan in 4th. At the finish line he was 4th, with Dan behind him in 5th.
            Or China this year where he started 16th and Dan in 5th. at the finish line he was in 3rd, with Dan behind him in 4th.

            But Monza is a pure power track, where they only brake 6 times a lap. So it will be much harder to fight your way back. especially overtakings the Williams and Force India’s will be near impossible in a Red Bull.

    12. I wonder if Ricciardo ever dreamt of being the most consistant driver when he was a little boy, most must have dreamt about being the fastest… which he obviously isn’t.

      Ricciardo can smile all he wants, but what happens to his team will strike upon him as well and he pretty well knows as his car has failed numerous times in FP. At least 4 of his 6 podiums where thanks to others failing, to my opinion both Austria and Spa where ‘kind of’ earned podiums, but on all podiums Ricciardo needed his team mate to DNF first.

      Ricciardo really his little reason to be happy, being behind 8 out of 12 quali’s, but even more shocking 11 out 12 races.
      The points and podiums sure will be welcome, but I doubt if he’s really happy about his situation, you want to win by performance not cause of others (cars) failing.

      1. Ricciardo really his little reason to be happy

        28 years old, multiple Formula 1 race winner, smashed a 4 x WDC to bits and is paid $6.5M per year PLUS bonuses.

        Little reason to be happy? I beg to differ.

        1. @nick101 Good point. I’d say many reasons to be happy, but one hell of a reason to be unhappy.
          These guys want to be the best. This is the pinnacle of racing. Ric now knows for sure that at least one driver is better and that must sting. Big time.
          I kind of like the dude so its a little painfull to actually see his grin fading even while he is scoring podiums. The truth hurts, no matter how much icecream you can buy.

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