Stefan GP Toyota TF110

The missing 2010 F1 car: Stefan GP’s Toyota TF110

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These pictures show the Toyota TF110 chassis in the colours Stefan GP hoped to race it in 2010.

Stefan GP planned to take the place of US F1 after the team pulled out shortly before the season began. However the FIA did not grant them permission to compete.

Two TF110 chassis were built but not raced by Toyota as they pulled out at the end of 2010.

This car, TF110-01, was eventually driven by Toyota-backed driver Kazuki Nakajima in a private test session last year.

The car is pictured in its ‘testing specification’. A race upgrade package was also planned which included an exhaust-blown diffuser as several teams ran in 2010.

It also featured alterations to the front and rear wings. The team did not have an F-duct for the car, although according to Toyota “we had done plenty of work on rear-wing stalling”.

A second chassis, which remained in black, has not turned a wheel.

Stefan GP applied for the 13th grid slot again in 2011 but no team was awarded the place.

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Here are a few technical details on the car:

Engine: Toyota RVX-10, 2.4-litre 90-degree V8. Limited to 18,000 rpm, produces “over 700 bhp”.
Transmission: Toyota seven-speed unit plus reverse with a Toyota-designed main case.
Dampers: Ohlins
Wheels: BBS forged magnesium
Electronics: Toyota / Magneti Marelli / McLaren Electronic Systems

Weight: 620 kg including driver
Overall length: 5050 mm
Overall height: 950 mm
Overall width: 1800 mm
Wheelbase: 3300 mm

Stefan GP Toyota TF110
Stefan GP Toyota TF110

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120 comments on “The missing 2010 F1 car: Stefan GP’s Toyota TF110”

  1. What engine were Stefan planning to use if they were granted an entry? Ferrari?

    There’s just no way to make a sharkfin look good, is there? Not even with naked carbon fibre.

    1. They were planning on using toyota engines, there are about 20 of them still sat in a warehouse somewhere.

      1. Quantum Electrodynamics
        6th January 2011, 10:20

        So the “Serbian Vulture” is red? Or is it scarlet? :P

    2. wheres the sharkfin on the naked carbon the whole engine cover is removed???

    3. The Sri Lankan
      10th January 2011, 9:38

      makes me sad to look at this thing…I Still dont understand why Toyota ditched 2010 when they had a car regardless of its competitiveness. and im convinced that at that stage in time they could-have manged nascar and F1given TOYOTA’s sheer budget

  2. Wow, its a Ferrari! Decent looking car, personally, i think a shame they never got a chance.

    1. miguelF1O (@)
      5th January 2011, 22:54

      its similar not just because of the colour the suspension reminds me of the 2009 mclaren the nose and wings ferrari the rear wing is really a toyota 2009 innovation it looked well sahped for pre season anyway toyota always said that they were going to win and in the end they didnt mainly i heard cause of the engine

      1. Such a shame, and such a waste, it’s a beautiful car and it would have been good to see how they went.

  3. It’s a shame that this beauty never raced isn’t it

    1. Definatley, one smexy damn front wing that things got. Sigh.

  4. It’s a shame! I don’t care what it looked like, just would’ve been brilliant to have a few more cars on the grid!

    1. A few more competitive cars even.

      1. Huge shame that they didn’t compete!

      2. Exactly, Patrickl! I think had this been allowed to race it would have greatly troubled Renault and Mercedes and maybe even the top 3. Toyota had a good car in 09 and this looks like a step forward over that for sure. Looking back we’ve all heralded 2010 as one of the closest seasons ever, but just think what Glock and Trulli could have done if they could have driven this beauty around instead of being stuck at the back of the grid in the new teams. Thanks FIA.

        1. Adam Tate,

          Yeah, thanks FIA indeed for making things more boring for fans. Had Setfan GP been given preference over the HRT outfit we’d have had a more comptitive entry that, as many of you have suggested, would have been right up there at least amongst the mid pack.

          It seems Toyota Motorsport is just destined to stay out of F1. The deal with HRT never materialized for 2011, and it seems these beautiful cars will just lie in the garages and give opportunities for photoshoots and articles on what might have been.

          It seems that apart from a few European auto majors, no multinational auto company is truly passionate about F1. It’s just unbelievable how someone can see such a great car lying wasted without racing. It should be so demoralizing for the team that worked hard to get it done on time.

          But that’s what multinational car companies are. Unemotional, self seeking but with truckloads of green to spend on nature exploration and water conservation (the Toyota-sposored programmes on National Geographic). In other words:

          Multinational auto corporations + FIA = no racing.

          FOTA + F1 fans = some racing

          F1 – Ecclestone = ultimate racing

          These are the basic priniciples behind UMOR – Ultimate Motor Racing, my dream to see F1 truly develop into. I’ll reveal more ideas about this in future comments or perhaps some blog posts. In the mean time, I invite Keith and all of you to imagine what true motor racing should be. Can the concept of true racing we have in our minds be made a reality?

  5. bets on whether this car is faster than the HRT?

    1. i’d bet it was faster than all 3 new teams comfortably!

      1. I think it could have been right there in the mix between the Renault and the Mercedes.

        1. Agreed, I think maybe fighting Williams and Force India for 6th/7th/8th!

          1. Fer 65 is spot on. Toyota always, ALWAYS, came out and said how competitive they were gong to be. Fact is, every single year they didn’t. And not just didn’t, but really sucked. Truly truly blew goats.

            This car would probably have been just another link in the chain, another disappointment by a car company which didn’t ‘get’ F1.

        2. From what Toyota were saying about the numbers in the wind tunnel, it would have done better than that as well.

          1. They’ve been saying that since they entered F1… I reckon It’d have done a lot worse than expected!!!

          2. all have to remember that Toyota was one of the expensive team during their tenure. and as they are a well establish team, so i think they should have beat comfortably all new teams and may be Williams and force india as well…….

        3. Craig Woollard
          6th January 2011, 0:45

          Nah, it would have been battling Lotuseseses and Toro Rossos all season long if you think realistically, it was never gonna be brilliant, c’mon, it’s a Toyota!

      2. I agree. It would destroy the new teams with ease. Its a shame this car didn’t make it, and the HRT truck did.

        1. Why? Because Toyota quit and chose not to race? Or because the FIA realised what a sham the Stefen entry would have been?

          HRT deserves much more praise.

          1. Nope. They would have done better because they had a team of f1 professionals who had worked on designing and developing the car since mid 2009. Unlike HRT, which actually outsourced its car design to Dallara, Toyota was working on improving the 2009 challenger.. which was the 4th to 5th fastest car on the grid last year. In terms of expertise, Toyota’s team was leaps and bounds ahead of HRT. I do not understand what HRT deserve praise for?

          2. Because they aren’t just rolling over, despite knowing that things aren’t exactly going to get better any time soon.

            For sure that car would destroy HRT, But you gotta admire HRT for trying to survive.

    2. yes, it was probably as fast if not faster than mercedes were at the beginning of the season.

      1. It’s alright guessing where they would’ve come but it was a Toyota….

        1. well they developed it very early and with alot of money.

          1. They did that with the TF109 too, and the TF108, and the TF107…..

  6. Paint job is almost like Ferrari, and the nose is pure RB6 copy. Pity we didn’t know how TF110 would have performed.

    1. yeah, why on earth pirelli used the T109 instead of the T110 is beyond me?

      1. First of all because the TF109 is a proved concept where a lot of data exist, so it is far better to use for development work (data collecting and verifying) than the never raced and untested TF110

      2. I believe as well that HRT’s attempts to buy the TF110 or some bits of it had something to do with it as well.

    2. Looks more like thr Sauber nose to me…

  7. So, basically a Ferrari without any logos then?

  8. Wow, what a Ferrari rip off. The unwritten rule of F1 is that no-one paints their cars all red other than Ferrari

    1. That raises a good question – last red non-Ferrari in F1? (Not including Toyotas or McLarens…)

        1. I’d describe that as “Black” or “Dennis the Menace” rather than “Red”

      1. BMS Scuderia Italia in 1992.

        1. Correct.

          1. Williams 1998 had more red than Scuderia Italia

    2. Ferrari’s red comes from the Italian racing colour. All the Italian teams used to race with it (or something close to it – actually Ferrari tweaked it in about the mid-90s so it looked brighter on TV) in early Grand Prix.

      1. But Stefan GP isn’t Italian.

      2. shady1983 (@)
        5th January 2011, 20:43

        Isn’t the original Italian racing colour blue? I seem to remember reading somewhere that blue was the national racing colour, but sometime during 40s/50s/60s Ferrari changed to red because of a dispute with lack of support from the government (or something similar)

        Could be wrong but I do recall reading this in one of the historical F1 books…

        1. Blue is French.

      3. Yeah Ferrari used to race their cars in “Rosso Corsa”, which was changed to “Rosso Scuderia” (a red so bright it’s almost orange) if Im not mistaken. The color of this TF110 looks almost identical to the former.

    3. Another good reason for NOT granting Stefan GP entry in F1.

    4. 1998 Williams in Winfield livery?

      1. Not quite the right shade, IMO. I’d go with Dallara in 1992.

    5. Bah to that Ned. Red doesn’t belong to Ferrari, it’s the italian racing colour. What if Alfa or someone wanted to come back. It’s like saying no one but Lotus can paint their cars green.

      1. Fair enough, but Stefan GP is not Italian…

        1. no argument on that, wonder if the FIA would even allow for two cars looking so simular these days.

          1. *facepalm* No one ones colours.

      2. The Sri Lankan
        10th January 2011, 9:42

        hear hear!

  9. I remember F1 Racing did a feature on it and “allegedly” the numbers all indicated it was a front-runner, on a par with Red Bull. Then again, I seem to remember hearing a story that the 2009 McLaren MP4-DOG apparently surpassed the designer’s expectations and it was a grim beast indeed…

  10. The 1998 Winfield sponsored Williams cars were red.

    As for the Toyota F1 2010 – I wonder, no one will ever know but they spent high and developed early so it would have surely done as well if nit better than the Toyota 2009. I’m disappointed they didn’t gamble and compete in 2010 given they already had a car – it could have turned out well and they could have pulled out on a high!

    1. Especially given how the Honda turned out… :)

    2. Too true Calum, but the problem is that Toyota is seemingly run by a bunch of pansies and morons. I’m sure someone within the organization was crying out, to let this amazing machine race, but was silenced by the lifeless corporate machine. Pity.

  11. if it was based on the Toyota, i think it would of been up there with torro rosso and force india!

  12. also look at there workshop. Looks very good! yes its small but it looks well sorted out.

    1. Yep, that is what Toyota Motorsport now sell (it is their Cologne facility). They have the ideas AND the capacity, just no paying customer to fill these workshops up.

  13. Maybe if they didn’t paint thier car red, they would have been able to race?!

    1. *allowed to race…

      1. It would certainly have helped.

    2. Maybe they could paint their cars with the Serbian Tricolor because the car was “Serbian”. I know, its 10 years, but still, wanted to