2010 Chinese Grand Prix – the complete F1 Fanatic review

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Alonso leads the Red Bulls into turn one at China
Alonso leads the Red Bulls into turn one at China

Find all the F1 Fanatic Chinese Grand Prix coverage in one place below ?ǣ from Friday practice to the post-race review and our live comments on every session.


Button leads McLaren to one-two in wet Chinese Grand Prix – Race report.

Chinese Grand Prix in pictures – Over 80 pictures from the Chinese Grand Prix.

Hamilton?s pit lane dice with Vettel could cost him second – It didn’t, but that controversial moment in the pits generated a lot of post-race discussion.

Ferrari deny Alonso-Massa rift – The Ferrari duo also had a run-in on their way into the pits. Afterwards Ferrari were at pains to insist there was no hard feelings between the pair.

Webber loses out in safety car incident – Webber and Hamilton clashed behind the safety car.

Safety car spares Hamilton and Alonso?s blushes (Chinese Grand Prix analysis) – The same safety car period saved Hamilton and Alonso’s races after they lost a huge amount of time at the start of the race.

Button takes lead in title race ?ǣ full points standings after China – Rosberg up to second as former leader Massa slips to sixth.

Chinese Grand Prix result – McLaren are the third team this year to claim a one-two.

Rate the race: China – The action-packed Shanghai race has had good ratings so far.

Chinese GP stats and facts – Points for Petrov and first McLaren one-two since Fernando Alonso drove for them.

Chinese GP team-by-team: McLaren – Hamilton pushes Button to the end
Chinese GP team-by-team: Mercedes – Rosberg leads Schumacher again
Chinese GP team-by-team: Red Bull – Qualifying kings struggle in the rain
Chinese GP team-by-team: Ferrari – Pit lane pass hands advantage to Alonso
Chinese GP team-by-team: Williams – No points after strategy errors
Chinese GP team-by-team: Renault – First double points haul of 2010
Chinese GP team-by-team: Force India – Liuzzi wipes out on first lap
Chinese GP team-by-team: Toro Rosso – Nightmare weekend for Buemi
Chinese GP team-by-team: Lotus – Kovalainen beats a Williams
Chinese GP team-by-team: HRT – Chandhok struggles in rain
Chinese GP team-by-team: Sauber – Kobayashi victim of Liuzzi crash
Chinese GP team-by-team: Virgin – Gremlins keep both cars from starting

Chinese Grand Prix fastest laps – Lewis Hamilton claims his fourth career fastest lap.


Vettel takes his third pole position of 2010 (Chinese Grand Prix qualifying) – Red Bull continued their monopoly of the front row of the grid in Shanghai.

2010 Chinese Grand Prix grid – How they lined up for the Chinese Grand Prix.

Chinese Grand Prix qualifying in pictures – Qualifying action from Shanghai.

Chinese GP pre-race analysis – Why rain threatened to spoil Red Bull’s party.


Ferrari?s F-duct design and more pictures from Chinese GP Friday practice – Ferrari ran their version of McLaren’s ‘F-duct’ (aka the RW80) in practice at Shanghai.

Button to the fore as Buemi suffers major crash in first practice – Buemi lost both wheels braking from the fastest point of the circuit but emerged unscathed from the frightening accident that followed.

Chinese GP practice 1 interactive chart – Lap times for all the drivers in first practice.

McLaren stay ahead in second practice – Lewis Hamilton took to the top of times sheets in place of his team mate.

Chinese GP practice 2 interactive chart – Lap times for all the drivers in second practice.

Webber fastest ahead of China qualifying – Red Bull edged ahead in final practice.

Chinese GP race preparation in pictures – The teams get ready for the Chinese Grand Prix.

2010 Chinese Grand Prix ?ǣ the F1 Fanatic Unofficial Race Programme (Video) – All the pre-race information.

Live blogs

How we saw the Chinese Grand Prix as it unfolded.

Chinese Grand Prix Live
Chinese Grand Prix Qualifying Live
Chinese Grand Prix Practice 3 Live
Chinese Grand Prix Practice 2 Live
Chinese Grand Prix practice 1 live

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  1. Might be just me, but the title should say “complete” instead of “compete” right?

    1. Indeed it should!

      1. The title should say “The… Complete, wonderful, amazing, truly and ultimate Chinese GP Fanatic review”

        Keith, when you start thinking to leave this job, please talk to me, you will be hired in milliseconds!!!!

        1. Thanks IDR!

  2. are the GP2 and GP3 races on tv, and if so when, watched them last year but havent seen them on yet this year,

    1. those races only start when the f1 circus starts the european races.

      1. cheers, look forward to that, need more than just wrc and f1

    2. That’s because they haven’t been on yet (apart from GP2 Asia, which has finished).

  3. Extra Statistics
    2010 China/Shanghai attendance: 155.000
    85000 (Sunday), 55000 (Saturday), 15000 (Friday)
    Sale of Corporation tickets (free) was reduced by 80%

    1. Where did you get those from?

      1. Shanghai Sports Bureau

    2. Only 85,000 attended out of the 200000 capacity? I know the large ground stand round turn 12 were filled with Sponsors but still I don’t think they have filled 2/3 of the remaining seats.

  4. Type in Google “F1 15.5 上海体育局” to check out. You can use Google translation. :)

    1. Wow – what do the characters mean?

  5. http://en.espnf1.com/f1/motorsport/story/15067.html
    See the quote from Lewis “…..Jenson is very smart and does not have that too aggresive flair in him and neither have I”

    Yeh right Lewis, not aggresive flair. Next you’ll be saying your a pussycat on the circuit like Alonso. I had to laugh!!

  6. Well, he purred rather well yesterday…

  7. I really enjoyed watching this grand prix on TV. A few interesting points: Fabulous overtaking and driving, because the cars were slower and the aerodynamics were less dominant and defensive weaving has been banned. The drivers are expressing themselves more on the track, possibly because they know the stewarding is better, and is not so politically vindictive as it used to be. Having a driver/steward helps.
    The sooner we get rid of the current fashion for excessive downforce the more fun the races will be to watch.
    Maybe we should impose a rain shower, natural or artificial on every race. It would make it more interesting. Bringing back a form of KERS, possibly homologised, i. e. the same in car unit for all drivers would be interesting too. Best wishes, Max

  8. Another great Robert start!!!

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