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One of the areas where Toyota struggled in last year’s Canadian Grand Prix was getting their car to ride the bumpy kerbs as effectively as possible.

How are they trying to cure that problem this year? By replicating every bump, bounce and ripple of 70 laps of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on their seven-post simulation rig. Find out how it works by watching this video.

This series of videos is also available on the F1 Fanatic Facebook Group as well:

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4 comments on “Video: Canadian GP Toyota preview”

  1. This is an awesome video!

    Congratulations, Toyota!

    Thanks, Keith!

  2. Really enjoyable, and insightful! Nice one Keith!

    (Kinda wish I had gone for CPD Degree now)

  3. Seems a bit of a wasted effort since the kerbs has been softened this year:

  4. Rain could also affect Canadian GP…

    I can see clearly now, the rain isn’t gone…

    “(May 16th) Jarno Trulli finished off this week’s test at Paul Ricard in France with the fastest time on Friday, as Formula One teams undertook a day of preparations for the Canadian Grand Prix.

    After two days using a layout to simulate the high-downforce demands for Monaco, the teams used a revised configuration to try out the low-downforce and heavy braking that is required for Montreal.

    With the day badly impacted by rain showers, Trulli only completed 26 laps to set a best time of 1:31.360 during a break in the weather.

    01 TRULLI Panasonic Toyota Racing 26 laps 1:31.360
    02 PIQUET ING Renault F1 60 laps 1:31.634
    03 DE LA ROSA Vodafone McLaren Mercedes 53 laps 1:32.143
    04 VETTEL Scuderia Toro Rosso 49 1:32.480
    05 MASSA Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro 19 1:33.246
    06 HEIDFELD BMW Sauber F1 Team 30 1:33.371
    07 BUEMI Red Bull Racing 16 1:34.064
    08 FISICHELLA Force India F1 31 1:34.071
    09 BUTTON Honda Racing F1 Team 19 1:36.501
    10 SUTIL Force India F1 13 1:43.877
    11 HULKENBERG AT&T Williams 35 1:44.741
    (from autosport)”

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